A big raspberry from Osama

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  1. Well, five years ago his organization killed 3000 people… now they are sendingn a “nyah nyah” video. I think it speaks to the current state of their power.

  2. Not necessarily, John – remember that the job of a terrorist is to alter behavior and disrupt societies by means of fear – if they can accomplish this goal by means of a “nyah nyah” video (or by threatening to blow up a dozen jumbo jets McGyver-style, using nothing but hair gel, human breast milk, and an iPod nano), instead of having to expend their “resources”, then so much the better – for them. After all, despite everything we are told, I don’t hink the AQ leadership actually believes all that 70-virgin crap they spout – otherwise they would be the first in line to volunteer for martyrdom.

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