A teacher's gift

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  1. Okay, but when will we decide that paying teachers a reasonable salary is more important than paying an athlete an exhorbitant sum?
    Watched Blackboard Jungle the other night. Same issues, nearly 50 years ago. Teachers not getting paid enough. These are the people to whom we entrust our children, and thus our children’s future.
    We gotta do better. But thanks for thanking teachers. I feel the same way. These are the true heroes of our society.

  2. Slate –
    It’s true, yes, that many teachers are not paid nearly enough… but I have to say that for some (like Mr. Connelly in my post), there isn’t a number one could put on that. What could possibly compensate in kind?
    I’m not in any way saying that they are not deserving – quite the opposite, in fact. But some things are priceless.
    Forester –
    You’re very welcome. (smile…) I hope that you’ve had a year like this – where an entire group came together with your guidance and reached entirely new places within themselves. It is an amazing thing to behold.

  3. I know Mr. Connelly, too, and I am so grateful to him for the wonderful gift he has given the children entrusted to his care. Our hearts should be so filled with gratitude to him. The measure of our lives is truly what we give to others, and by that measure, the only measure that matters, Mr. Connelly is a great man.

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