Al Qaeda: Holy War or Bust!

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  1. I must admit I’m somewhat puzzled by the leftists apparent ability to ignore the Islamofacist threat. I’ve concluded that they simply don’t believe it poses much of a threat in the long run and that, as you’ve pointed out, they’ve blurred the lines between there hatred for Bush/Iraq War and the obviousl threats of Jihad/throat cutting, etc. But I also suspect that if my observations and measurements are correct, the real blind spot they have is created by sort of a parallax view, i.e., most of the leftist/liberals I’ve met and talked to in the last 10 years abhor religion and the “God” thing altogether and to the extent that there’s an America, (Red Zone) that harbors religous beliefs, the liberals are disdainful to the point of being almost “Anti-American”. That having been noted, my guess is that they could care less if religious nuts of one sect kill off the religious nuts of another sect as long as it’s the “diverse” crowd that’s winning over the “non-diverse” Red Zone Americans. However, this parallax view blinds them to the reality that the Islamofacists would just as willingly cut the throats of all the “Unbelievers”; so ultimately, the leftists could, (no pun intended) find themselves getting it in the neck along with their “Christian” neighbors. And, my readings indicate that the radicals have even less love for the pagans/wiccans, etc.

  2. It doesn’t matter what the Pope or anyone else says or does the Islamic nutcases will be offended. The religion of hate is unabated. All we can do is send them to the 72 virgins as fast as possible.

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