Algiers Under Seige

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  1. please do not post speculation.
    people are worried enough.
    And as far as humanity is concerned, we have to allow others to take advantage of anything we may have remaining there.
    just please….do not post speculation.

  2. I just called the Governor’s office and they are calling state police.
    Have Vinnie or someone call the Governor’s office right now!

  3. Is ther anyway to get into Algiers? I am planning on bringing a group of military in on Monday. We wanted to establish in one of our homes in the Walnut Bend subdivision. I have been trying to reach police officers Donald Paissant and/or Vaughn Valeary w/o luck. If anyone can help please e-mail me at Wish everyone luck. Pass my info to NOPD. I had planned on bringing supplies. Need to hear by tomorrow AM.

  4. Polimom, I would really appreciate a plug if possible… For those of you trying to deal with the forums for information you know that it’s a real mess. I’ve started another forum that should be much easier to use and far better organized. At least this way people don’t have to post the same thing over and over again to get any sort of answer. Thanks!

  5. Spoke to local Fox Station in Tampa regarding the situation in the Point, I then called the Governors office, could not speak to any one so left a message. Called State Police and spoke to Trooper Cameron about lack of police presence in the Point. He told me that the local police had a presence all over the city. I informed him that apparently everywhere except the Point, where residents were trying to protect themselves.I asked if he could look into this and he said yes.

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