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  1. Thanks so much for your info. We live on Aurora Oaks but evacuated to Florida and trying to make our plans to get back to Algiers and our home as soon as possible. Am anxiously awaiting further info from you regarding when and how we can do so. Am afraid to get all the way there just to be turned away at a checkpoint low on gas and with no where to go. THANK YOU!!!

  2. To Jeff & Joy, my husband and I live in Aurora Gardens and are currently in Pensacola, FL. We have your same concerns with checkpoints. Safety in numbers, perhaps we should coordinate a return? Any info helps, thanks everyone!

  3. Daniel and Tracy–
    This is April Robinson, my parents live two doors down from you. We’re fine in Texas. Good to see familiar names and glad y’all are OK.
    If and when we do go back, I’d be interested in getting in on a group return. I’m sure there would be others as well.

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