Commitments for Accountability: A Civics Lesson

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  1. I received your email and followed the link to this blog. I will most certainly work toward fiscal responsibility. I too have become disgusted with how our congress has been run (into the ground). We need to start by ending failed and failing programs. We need to streamline the federal government so that it can become more efficient. Once these things have been accomplished, we can start getting back to the “paygo” way of governing and reduce the tax burden on the people.

  2. Mr. Taylor, thank you for your response, both here, and by email.
    I plan to collect and publish the commitments (and lack thereof) incrementally across the next week or two. Ideally, I’ll group by district races, and my also summarize by party.

  3. Mike – why, pray tell, do you feel we need to make the government “more effcient” before we start practicing fiscal responsibility? It would seem to me that the times when the legislative branch (as opposed to the executive) were at their most efficient were those very times when our pocketbooks/civil liberties were in the most jeopardy.

  4. John, I will let you know that I don’t just say something just because I think that’s what you want to hear. If I did, I would be no better than the person I am working to replace. Constitutionally, the federal government has a very limited purpose, to defend the nation and to be the face of the nation to the world. It is not the place of the federal government to hold the people’s hand through their lives. People can live and think for themselves, they don’t need pappa fed in their face.

  5. EdT., I feel, when it comes to government, efficiency and responsibility go hand-in-hand. Inefficiency in government costs money. That money comes from taxes. The government needs to clean up all the programs that are costing tax dollars. I believe, greatly, that taxes need to be kept to only what is needed to fuel the government’s Constitutional duties. Every program that is created or expanded will eventually cause an increase or addition in taxation. I’m open to private discussion if yo wish to email me through my Web site. You can also read through my platform, on my Web site.

  6. Mike – thanks for the clarification. I suspect we are defining “efficiency” in terms of the Congress a bit differently, which could account for our seemlngly different views on the topic. I will certainly be doing some reading up on your positions, as I have recently moved into CD-18 (from CD-22) and so I am not as familiar with the candidates as I was earlier.
    Now, hopefully, some other candidates will choose to respond in this forum.

  7. I was looking forward to reading comments from other candidates. I guess I’m the only one willing to face the public, directly. I’m sure others have responded, it’s just disappointing that they wouldn’t do so hear, where people can call them out.
    Ed T. I hope I am up to your standards. Jackson Lee has been around way too long and the only time you ever hear anything from her is during and election year. It amazes me how she can talk all day long and never say a thing. Too bad she never responded to my request for a debate, sent in March.

  8. Teh voters in the Texas 18 CD have a very clear choice in 2008. Re-elect Sheila Jackson Lee and keep getting what you have gotten for 14 years or elect John Faulk. This is the best year ever to defeat Sheila Jackson Lee. If nothing else after I am elected I can try to slow down the total socialism of American.
    John Faulk

  9. Note the Preamble to the Constitution, which all Americans are
    supposed to agree with if they live within its sovereignty:
    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,
    (1) establish Justice,
    (2) insure domestic Tranquility,
    (3) provide for the common defence,
    (4) promote the general Welfare,
    (5) and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves
    (6) AND our Posterity,
    do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
    Question: Because of the acts of some 70 members of congress, subprime mortgages were given to 7 million households that couldn’t afford them, costing the other 97 million households $1.8 trillion dollars all together or about $17,000 each. If a congressman, no matter what his constituency, carries out acts that cover up or aid a process that is an ‘irreparable act of harm to the nation’, such as those that allowed Fannie May to sell much for nothing, has he violated any of the six covenants of the Preamble to the point that he has committed treason?

  10. Mr. Faulk — Thank you for your response, both here and by email.
    I’ve posted an update to the blog this morning on the status of my request for commitments, and I’ll be starting the round-up on Monday.

  11. James Robertson – so long as the ‘acts’ you mention involve voting and other official activities of the House/Senate, the answer is “No” – AFAIK, Congresscritters are immune from prosecution for anything they do on the House/Senate floor. And rightly so – we don’t need the Executive using the law to coerce Congress to follow his/her legislative agenda, any more than we need Congress to use the impeachment process to remove a President with whom they disagree.
    We *do* have an option though – it is called “vote the ratbasturds out of office.”

  12. Mr. Faulk. Don’t you mean once I’m elected? Trying is trying and doing is doing. You may try all you like. I will do everything in my power to stop socialism while also building tolerance and acceptance of differing ways pf life. My motto is that of my party “Fiscally responsible; Socially tolerant”. Besides, Republicans, in TX-18, have historically been no easier to elect than Libertarians. In fact, we have beat you guys out in the popular vote more than once in our district. Keep in mind, there is a difference between being confident and being conceded. I am confident that I will do as well, if not better than you, sir ;o)
    That is an expected response from a Republican, though. Just because you say something is true does not make it true.

  13. Oh, and besides socialism, I’ll also work toward stopping corporatism. What Republican can honestly say that?Mrs. Jackson Lee is a do nothing congress person. She has accomplished nothing since getting into office. She has not gotten a single bill sponsored by her to even come up for a vote.
    Either vote for me or vote for Mr. Faulk but for heavens sake, lets get someone in that office that will actually work to accomplish something while they are there, please.

  14. Had I not kicked this off as a non-partisan Independent, I’m sure I’d be engaging here. As it is, though, I’ll just add that it’s really very interesting to hear from candidates directly.

  15. I agree, polimom, that hearing from the candidates directly is quite informative. I hope other candidates will chime in.
    Is it a fair summary so far that neither Mr. Taylor or Mr. Faulk will commit to PAYGO then? That is what I’m reading so far.

  16. I will commit to PAYGO once we clean up the current spending and taxation. We have far too many programs to use PAYGO, effectively, at the moment. Jumping on the bandwagon of any policy, just because it sounds good, is a bad idea. It’s no different than one talking about raising taxes on a few people because they think it sounds good to the majority. No different than talking of cutting taxes because you feel people are taxed too much.
    We musts take a good look at what we are spending money on before we make definite changes to anything.

  17. Mike Taylor – how about committing to using PAYGO for all new programs (with the exceptions that Polimom stated?) After all, while you might not be able to reverse time and undo what was done before, certainly I would think we could quit spending our great-grandchildren’s $$$$MONEY$$$$$ without a thoght for the consequences.
    John Fault – how about you?
    Oh, and on arelated topic – did everyone see that the debt clock is about to have a buffer overflow? And that they want to expand it to handle a freakin’ QUADRILLION dollars!? That’s like, how many million Bill Gates and Warren Buffets?
    It really is time to get serious about this, people.

  18. I meant to say “John Faulk” not “John Fault” – not a Freudian slip, rather the fact that my vision (and thus my ability to proofread) isn’t so good these days.

  19. Ed T., I would rather stop new spending until we can gain control over what we already have on the table. If new spending is required, yes, I would rather use the concept of PAYGO for that new spending.

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