Big Oil Singing? Must be Spring… (Updated)

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  1. Why is no one using alt energy? We can’t get it.
    Check out the new production of alge-biodeisel. They are also looking at using the alge to clean air from smokestacks before they turn it into fuel.
    Wind power is finally getting to the size that it is making a difference.
    Then there is solar with several gigawatt size solar farms going into production. Just the thing for Californians who live in the desert they call LA.
    Then we have the morons who design cars. A group of high school kids built a biodeisel car that beats most sports cars in a 1/4 mile run, seats 4 and gets 60mpg. Neil Young’s 1965 Lincoln gets around 100mpg on biodiesel.
    So why does my compact car only get 30mpg? If biodeisel cost $5/gal I gladly pay it if I could get 60+mpg. Throw in an electric engine who’s battery is charged by a really small biodeisel and I bet we could get even better mpg.
    But big companies don’t see a way to make money off this, so they don’t do it.

  2. I should add that Spain is getting about 20% of their electric from wind power.
    Also companies don’t want to bet on alt energy for the same reasons recod companies can’t seem to understand downloading: It doesn’t fit the money making model they been using since hector was a pup.

  3. Hi Pan! Yes, I saw the intriguing article about alga-energy. And there are indeed a number of other energy sources that are usable. They use them to off-set power in quite a few markets around the US.
    And I’m with you!!! I’d gladly pay $5 (or more) per gallon, if that gallon could take me twice as far. But dangit!!! We Americans want to keep things just the way they are!

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