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  2. I doubt that the bomb test in Nevada scheduled for June is a dress rehearsal for action against Iran. We have, basically, no way of delivering such a device to the desired locations. The most it can be is a demonstration to ourselves that nuclear weapons would, in fact, be required to take out a really hardened site.
    I’ve been arguing aginst any bombing option for dealing with Iran’s undoubted nuclear aspirations for years: I think that the damage that would be done by any effective campaign would far exceed anything they’re expecting.

  3. Dave,
    I agree with you, actually, about the test in Nevada. We have no way of reproducing it in… say… Iran. I think it’s far more likely to produce a justification for a nuclear equivalent for the underground sites..
    And yes – the ramifications would be vast.

  4. I unfortunately do not see Iran backing down. Because even if they did, we would attack. So, I see this heading over a cliff, and soon.
    Hold on to your kids and buy some crash helmets – its going to be a bumpy ride.
    Nothing in the last five years has scared me like this news has. Iraq was a question of destabilization and I was against it, this one is a question of unleashing mass destruction on at best a regional and at worst a global scale.
    Polimom, I’m going to bed with my lights on after this movie.

  5. Well, well, well… I’ve expected this since 9/11. Didn’t realize that the PTB were so far along in their planning for the assault on Iran.
    To make a bombing run on Iran is a major mistake on a regional level. To use tactical nukes will become a major problem on a Global level. The US cannot afford to make these errors.
    Our Nation must not be the agent that starts WW III. The Bushite may well be the agent that creates this situation, but it is not in our name, only in his Messianic insanity’s beliefs.
    We must change the makeup of Congress in November so as to have a bulwark in place to limit The Shrub’s movements. I hope that he doesn’t launch his “lesson” to Iran before then.
    Pray hard folks…

  6. I couldn’t sleep so thought I’d check my mail. A friend sent the Hirsch article to me. It’s chilling, and yes, as the above comment says, Hirsch has a really good track record. I cannot imagine my grief and shame if we were to launch a “pre-emptive nuclear strike”. It’s too horrible to imagine.
    Guess I’ll have the lights on tonight too.

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