Can we have peace with Islam?

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  1. You’ve noticed, I’m sure, that any time someone writes something that isn’t wholly in support of the war, or Bush, or even fundamentalist Christianity, they’re verbally attacked.

    Wow, Texas must be a whole different world! I’ll chip in with the Maryland perspective. Over here, any time someone writes or even says something that doesn’t denounce the war, or berate Bush, or slam fundamentalist or even moderate Christianity, they’re viewed as both an ignoramous and a traitor.

  2. Excellent post that clarifies some points about Islam for me. However, I believe that Christian monotheism in the West has had a pervasive and insidious effect on many aspects of the psyche. This is one of the main detriments to the engendering of soul within life.

  3. Forester-It’s the same out here in California, especially on college campuses. If anyone is for the war or suggests that Bush is anything other than either completely ignorant or down-right demonic gets attacked.
    Though IMO it’s another example of the drowning out of moderate opinions.
    And Poli, to address your question of “Can we have peace with Islam?” I think it is important to note that the problems with Islam are not ours to solve. The religion itself is not the cohesive whole that it’s image projects (and neither is Christianity, though Christians recognize denominational differences, Islam still has a rather singular label.)
    The western world cannot make peace with a faceless (or million-faced) entity because we cannot make sense of it. The differences in Christian beliefs are easier to digest because we have a host of very clearly differentiated denominations. Islam is not nearly as thoroughly segmented. From the point of view of the western world, the “Nation of Islam” is a huge amorphous mass and anything from rising gas prices to terrorism are all associated with that single entity.
    I suppose my point is that much of what you posted points out that it doesn’t at all matter how WE interpret Islam, what matters is how the Islamic faithful interpret Islam, and how they choose to publicly identify themselves—have we ever heard of a Martin Luther posting a list on the door of a Mosque? (Actually they tend to blow up the Mosque instead.)

  4. Forester, you’re right, and you caught me in an understatement.
    It’s very much “with us or against us” these days, and it sounds like it’s all over.

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