Caption Contest!

  1. Of course, we are presuming these birds are actually parent(s) and child(ren). It is certainly possible, though, that they aren’t related in a family sense, just as part of the same flock – in which case, the possibilities have expanded, greatly.
    Parent/children theme: “ARE WE THERE YET?”
    Generic: “Can you hear me NOW?!?”
    Press Corps event: “Mr. President…”
    Political talk show/Presidential debate: Left wing, centrist, right-wing – fence-sitters all.
    And you said you were getting out of the political blogging business, Polimom – shame on you 😉

  2. Do adult birds feed just any ole’ screaming young un? Because this poor Mockingbird seemed to be trying to feed all of these. I have another shot of them here (with a title you’ll probably laugh at…).
    Re: out of the political blogging business. Amazingly, I think of photos I could shoot all the time in reaction to various stories. It’s one of the directions I’m thinking of going with all this…. so no, I’m probably not “out”. Go figure.
    I love your Press Corps event caption!

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