Comes the rain…

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  1. Love those raindrops! And, the shot of the two girls is really nice, too.
    Just curious, did the spot problem you were having go away?

  2. Hi Ed — Thanks! The spot problem seems to come and go. Sometimes they’re there, and sometimes I don’t find them at all. Of course, backgrounds make a big difference…
    I’m a master with the clone tool, though, when one shows up in a bad spot!

  3. The reason I asked, is that for Fathers Day I got a special present – a “Sensor scope” and cleaning kit from Delkin. I looked at the sensor on my 5D, and sure enough I found the specks. I then used the mini vacuum w/brush to remove them. Sensor now clean!

  4. Wow, Ed. Nice gift! Maybe we need to have another “get together and see if we can figure out the spots on Polimom’s camera”….?

  5. I will be posting a review of SensorScope on my blog tomorrow, and it will include an “after” shot. You can find it on my Flickr page if you want to see it early. Needless to say, I eliminated about a half-dozen annoying specks from the sensor yesterday.
    BTW, tell AC I wasn’t comparing her to a house pet (in my comment at Flickr) – I was just commenting that you captured the sense of playfulness (similar to that exhibited by a puppy) to perfection in the two shots of her and her friend. Most kids at her age aren’t so uninhibited when a camera is pointed in their direction (mine sure wasn’t!)

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