Criminalization of illegal immigrants – we can't afford this

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  1. We can not afford not to.
    The price of freedom can never be paid in full.
    US citizen and veteran

  2. What you have to remember is that Arpaio is a goofball who loves to be in front of the cameras. He’s the guy who painted the jail cells pink and made the inmates wear pink uniforms to ‘calm’ them a few years ago. Humiliation never once entered his mind… He just likes to be in the paper, and this gave him another 15 minutes of fame. After the cameras move on, he’ll go back to ignoring crime in favor of catching speeders again like all good ‘law enforcement’ managers do to ensure they can fund theirr never-ending budget requirements.

  3. I don’t know the first thing about Arpaio, other than this article (and what you have written), and I can only laugh at pink as a “calming” color. Sends me bonkers, personally (smile…)
    However, according to this article, Arizona generally seems to be moving along with Maricopa county’s idea (my emphasis):

    It would provide $10 million for National Guard troops to assist in enforcement efforts near the border, $28 million for immigration and border efforts by state police, and $55 million for communities to pay for arresting and detaining illegal immigrants

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