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  1. Over the last few weeks I could see it coming. Karen Carter was Dollar Bill – Lite, just waiting to make her small scams into bigger ones. Plus her positions on social issues was out of the mainstream.
    Don’t worry Dollar Bill won’t be around for long. I give him until this spring for indictments to come down.
    Maybe someone decent will run next time.

  2. Ah yes… what delicious irony – I wonder how Speaker-elect Pelosi and the Dem leadership will choose to spin handle this one. After all, how can they blame this one on Tom Delay and Karl Rove, eh?
    So much for “a new broom sweeps clean”.

  3. Depressing isn’t it?
    Jefferson played the “conservative” issues to the hilt in Jeff Parish, basically calling Carter someone who would have everyone in an abortion clinic or in a gay marriage licketysplit, while Carter, definitely the better of two evils–not really the candidate you wanted to get behind–didn’t play hardball enough on the corruption. The post-mortem shows that Orleans parish voted Carter 51-49% and that white Jeff parish voters pushed Jefferson over the top. Amazing and bizarre.
    All that having been said, the cynics among us feel that Derrick Shepherd, who came in third in the primary and has a lot of support in the Algiers/Westbank area, probably threw his support behind Jefferson betting that an indictment will be forthcoming and then he can run against Carter. It’s a strange bet, but one that might pan out.
    No matter what, this is going to put us behind in the rebuilding process, IMO, but we’ll have to see how it pans out.
    I will say that I was astonished when I saw the returns, then I got depressed, now I’m just kind of awed, and not in a god way!

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