Does New Orleans need a Republican?

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  1. I think that it’s more than just delivering — it’s uniting. And I don’t see Couhig able to do that. (And certainly not Wilson, who needs to have duct tape pasted over her mouth.) I appreciate a lot of what Couhig preaches, espcially about self-reliance, but I don’t think that his policies are what NO needs *now*.
    I like Landrieu’s connections. I like that he’s a politician. But more than anything, I like him for the same reasons that the Louisiana Weekly wrote here (

  2. Alai,
    Yes, that was a great article – I came very close, actually to writing about it from exactly that angle. Certainly it’s important for the folks in New Orleans to have a unifier. An awful lot of water has gone under the bridge in recent months, and somebody needs to be able to heal some of the wounds.
    I believe Landrieu can probably unite, and that’s a big, big need. But he also has to make some major changes. I hope he can… because I expect he’ll make at least the run-offs.
    I really can’t say Couhig excites me, either… And I couldn’t agree with you more about Wilson. Unbelievable.
    All in all, a very difficult election.

  3. Nicely written, Polimom! I’m off to read Alai’s article. I even got a Landrieu bumper sticker for my car . . . so I’m all set. So its Mitchy for me. I couldn’t agree with you more about Giuliani – too bad politicians like that are so rare!

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  5. I think it will be a runoff between Landrieu and Nagin. I wrote about all this last week, and it would appear that most people still feel the same and for the same reasons. It did look like Forman might make a bigger dent than I thought when I wrote my piece on all this. What’s worrisome is that so many people are uncomfortable with the reasons they’re voting for Landrieu. The uniter idea is prevalent, but really has nothing to do with an actual plan, and the secondary reason is his political connections, again, has nothing to do with any concise stated plan. I’ve never seen an electorate so miserable in fact. Almost everyone I talk to say, “Landrieu” but they say it with a sad look on their face, some looking at the ground. They’re clearly not happy but feel they have to vote for him in order to get anything done, it’s not that they actually like the guy in most cases. It’s the weirdest dynamic I’ve ever seen.

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