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  1. i am sorry, but i strongly disagree. it is not about personal responsability or having insurance or not.
    it is about the government being responsible and reimbursing people for their employees professional mistakes. if they were a private company, they would have had liability insurance, and would have been sued.
    the levees failed due to flawed design. It is the 21st century, people were on the moon decades ago, before these levees were built if i might mention, and it is unacceptable that the most technologically advanced country in the world doesn’t hire engineers who can make soil boring tests and include fluid mechanics and computer models for soil erosion in their levee design. did anyone hear that the dutch did just that? or for that matter, on a smaller scale, the germans, the egyptians, and others? why were they able to do it and we weren’t, since we are larger, richer and more powerful?
    how can we not hold the government accountable when it makes value engineering decisions at the peril of its taxpayers, but carelesly spends billions on no-bid military contracts and the rebuilding of other countries?
    I came here as an immigrant years ago, and perhaps the main reasons i left my country and decided this is the country i want to be in were equal opportunity and accountability, none of which were working in my home country at the time. I still hope they will work here and now. there are too many eyes on our rebuilding; we cannot not start the reconstruction with accountability and retribution. we all learn from mistakes, and we can only avoid this happening again if we eliminate what caused it. like misdirected priorities, engineers and department chiefs instated through nepotism and political maneuvering, ignoring the whistleblowers… (the engineering firm who said 17′ below sea level is not enough, the homeowners with water puddling in their levee-adjacent backyards, the environmentalists decrying the loss of wetlands and the global warming)
    contrary to what many said, this “is the time to cast blame”! it’s overdue since august 29th.

  2. Hi Vlad,
    Actually, the US Army Corps of Engineers has been sued in the past – and I fully expect them to be sued now. Gonna be a class action suit to put anything we’ve ever seen to shame.
    But that’s a separate thing (to me) from the flood insurance – a common sense hedge in any area that floods.
    Just a few minutes ago, some news came out that the federal goverenment is now agreeing to rebuild the levees to at least the levels they were supposed to have been pre-Katrina. (I wrote about it here.) They’re committing to the entire former footprint of the city, too. Will that mean that NOLA will never flood again? Of course not. It always has, to some degree or another.
    I’m absolutely thrilled beyoond words that they’re going to commit to protection for all neighborhoods, but when people come back, should they have insurance?

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