Edwards campaign to continue

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  1. It seems I’ve encountered a second person who thinks The Politico is a blog, which I haven’t heard / read before. (Perhaps I just haven’t been paying attention??)
    Can this really be so? Do people still think TPM Muckracker is a blog, too?
    I don’t think either is in online structure, funding or staffing. I also note that Politico has blogs separated from the rest, so I’m fairly certain they don’ think of themselves as a blog. They also have a physical newsprint presence in DC.
    Etc. Etc.
    Respectfully, Temple

  2. Temple — yes, this is my personal blog, and I co-blog at TMV. That last (that linked here) was a cross-post.
    And yes, I do see both the Politico and TPM as blogs. For that matter, so does the MSM itself, which is how many of them referred to the reported “source’ on the Edwards story.

  3. Temple (sorry, forgot I’d written something else about this once) —
    Long and long ago (seems like), while blogging at the Chronicle, I was floored to discover myself feeding to Google News. This is what I wrote about it then:
    The “New” news
    I think the lines have blurred still more since then.

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