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  1. blueshead opens , yet another beer.peers through this blog..Mardi Gras starts today,,Krewe du Viuex..the only ones allowed to march through the French Quarter will be passing by his house….It’s my first day off in 2 months..puts his carpenters hammer down.. 🙂

  2. polimom is it possible that NO was purposfully allowed to go under to
    1. disperse the indigent populace-it seems the wealthier areas were on higher ground
    2. allow for change of land use (MORE COMMERCE)
    in the affected areas
    3.alter the political balance of the area
    it just seems to me if you have an accident waiting to happen and you let it happen it just isn’t an accident anymore

  3. Fairscape: I really think that what happened to N.O. was a combined negligence and apathy across decades and generations, with enough blame to apply liberally to absolutely every finger that ever touched the pie – local, federal, Democrat and Republican. All of them.
    Of your 3 possible goals for a purposeful abandonment, only one of them – the third – is a probable outcome, and even that doesn’t look like a “done deal” to me.
    #1 certainly displaced the indigent, but it also displaced wealthy and middle class areas. NOLA’s higher-ground has been there far longer than any other part of the city, yes – but even uptown isn’t exclusively wealthy, nor is the Irish Channel / garden district.
    #2 – the outcome here is unclear yet. I suspect much of the change in land use will not result in more commerce, but undeveloped land instead. That won’t increase or stimulate a tax base or market economy.
    #3 – while this looks quite likely at the moment, I’m not sure it’s a given either. If one considers “political balance” to be Republican vs. Democrat, then it’s even less of a certainty. NOLA is unhappy with its current electorate, yes… but they’re also unhappy with the federal leadership. I suspect change is coming in a big way (and I sure hope so!), but I don’t know that it will split down a partisan line.
    Sometimes, a rose is just a rose, and I really do think that’s what happened here.
    Contrary to a lot of discussion and dialogue, the DHS and FEMA would have failed miserably on a disaster of this scale anywhere in the country. They were / are the disastrous equivalent of the Keystone Kops.
    All of this is IMHO, of course… but it’s really how I see it.
    I don’t trust our administration as far as I can lift and toss the White House they’re based out of, but I think the hardest accusation I can level at them is that they are focused so tightly on Iraq and the Middle East that they’ve absconded on American citizens.
    Malicious neglect? Probably not. Stupidly and erroneously distracted from their primary duties? Yes.

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