Fools, cads, and alien babies

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  1. The Republicans are very afraid because both Obama and Edwards ARE LOYAL to their wives, and McCain was not at all loyal to his first wife after she had been crippled. So the Republicans are starting early and going after one of the Democrats strongest strength–their loyal marriages with magnificent wives–and try to neutralize that. Just as the Republicans went after Kerry’s and Cleland’s war records to minimize the lack of military participation on the part of Bush, Cheney, and Chambliss. Rove’s fingerprints are all over this.
    And why do the Republicans make so much fuss about Edwards’ hair and house? Because they are an obvious strength of his–good health and being a self-made success. Again, go after the biggest strengths to neutralize them.
    Remember the awful joke McCain told a few years back…about Janet Reno being Chelsea Clinton’s real daddy to explain her ducklinghood? Chelsea is totally a swan now, but McCain is still mush mouthed.
    Well, you can pin the tail on the Attorney General again…Mike Mukasey is the real father of the baby. Why? Because I bet that baby looks just like John McCain but with more hair.

  2. I think events have overtaken CyberCitizen’s testification to John Edwards’ fidelity.
    For my part, I want the ratsocrats to nominate Edwards. I disagree with him passionately, but he advanced the platform most true to the ideals of the Democrat Party, and was, I thought, the best candidate running. I discounted the rumors of his affair, but I reckoned that true ratsocrat voters view infidelity as, at worst, a private matter between husband and wife, and at best, as a desirable trait in a candidate. How else can one explain fellatio boy’s lasting grip on the ratsocrat electorate?

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