Gas prices could be worse

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  1. You mean, in Britain they use those things hanging down off our waists to get around? Shocking!
    The difference, of course, is that they can, because they’ve got good public transit, and the towns are mostly towns, not subdivisions; it’s quite possible to go the center of them and buy the necessities of life.
    My definition of freedom, in terms of places to live, isn’t having tons of room or not being able to see my neighbors; it’s being able to buy food, go to work, visit friends, go out to dinner, etc. without having to drive. Here in Houston I usually do drive, but I’ve made a point of arranging my life so that the car being in the shop or some other issue doesn’t strand me. For people without a lot of money, having that option is huge; car dependence is basically a giant tax on the basics of life.
    I’m not being holier-than-thou – I almost always drive to the Kroger three blocks away to shop, because it’s hot, and I want to come home with 8 bags of groceries. It’s just easier. But knowing that I don’t HAVE to makes a big difference.

  2. LOL, John! I sat here for a full 30 seconds, working out your first sentence! (in my defense, I’m not feeling well…)
    You’re absolutely right about transportation. Out here where I live, there is no public transportation whatsoever. Like you, though, I could walk the 2 blocks or so to the grocery store if I wanted (so long as I only intended to bring a few things home).
    There are so very many ways that high (higher than now) gas prices will change our society.

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