Great Expectations and The American Dream

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  1. I always thought of the “American Dream” as embodied in the Declaration of Independence, that is to say, the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Of course, I also saw this as the dream of those who left their homelands to come here, because unlike most other countries, there is the potential to better one’s social standing in America (of course, to actually realize that potential takes more than a little effort on the part of the person involved.)
    I guess I must have been mistaken. I better find the next stop on the Gravy Train, so I too can hop on!
    It is interesting, though, to see how we Americans have come to take so many things for granted, that we now see them as basic “rights” – such things as health care (not just the access to basic/emergency care, but the actual receipt of health care services, including elective services, all paid for by somebody else), post-secondary education (up to and including post-graduate studies), a good job (with short hours, many benefits), a house with a two-car garage (and a subsidized mortgage), child care for the kiddoes (again, paid for by others), and now even broadband Internet access!

  2. Your paragraph beginning with “What America promised” is ‘dead on’, it seems to me, Polimom. And I agree with EdT. Great expectations of free handouts ad infinitum. It’s quite a dismal subject if one wants to dwell on it much, so I’m going to conclude my comments immediately. 🙁

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