Hello? Obama?

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  1. Polimom, you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! If I had the chance to talk to him, I would ask why are you advocating more spending and expansion of government when we’ve got a 400 BILLION budget deficit and almost 10 TRILLION national debt? he STILL hasn’t answered that…..he would be up by 20 points by now if he were more fiscally conservative…..you and i think alike, and so keep up the fight…..

  2. Christian — Yup! I really don’t think it would take much, either, for him to pull all us independents over.
    Thanks for the comment. Finally, somebody who understands what I was trying to say. (I sure am drawing some heavy fire at TMV for this… as usual…)

  3. LOL!!! You scared me for a minute there, Ed. I was afraid you were linking to a job opening or something. (No, I wouldn’t really have been tempted… :> )
    Besides, I’ve been assured on all sides that the American people prefer all sugar and no medicine, please…

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