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  1. Hi Polimom…I’m reaching out from Worcester, England. I still live in the house from where I reached out to you back in 2005 after the aftermath of Katrina. I followed your blog and those remarkable events. I could never undertand why I was so drawn to your situation, but my deep empathy and need to understand your suffering was I think, a response to the incredible humanity I was winessing – against the other hurricane: the fury of injustice and racism. I’ve survived my own personal hurricanes in the past 15 years, so I now know what it means to survive and lose so much – including my notes for a theatre play about the Algiers neighbourhood and how for me it felt like the centre of the universe in that moment in history: a microcosm of how our humanity and inhumanity lie together as in the words of Shakespare: ‘“Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.” (The Tempest). I am still drawn to that time such as I was a digital eyewitness and supporter from afar who could do nothing but give to charity and pray to whatever god I could that you would all survive. Your blog at the time was extraordinary. I will write that script one day. I’ll send it to you for your approval. Thank you – and best wishes always…Caz Kimbrey

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