Hillary puts some daylight between them

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  1. Contract “warriors” have been used in virtually every war, and some other national initiatives (Lewis and Clark) since the founding of this nation. More shipping was “taken” by combat contractors than the U.S. Navy in the Revolutionary War.
    The need to use such talent is NOT an issue of over worked military, or high op tempo…It is simply that wasting so highly trained and sugically fine a resource as U.S. Armed Forces to provide security details for diplomats or bureaucrats makes NO sense, and is not an efficient application of force!
    It is also incorrect to suggest that Combat Contractors, or at least Blackwater, are not accountable under law…they are specifically exempted from Iraqi law by CPA Order 17, but absolutely accountable to the Diplomatic Security Service, and the American public under U.S. civil and criminal law for their actions while under contract.
    If Blackwater is barred from serving in Iraq, one has to wonder which of the lesser capable security firms in Iraq will provide personal security details for either Sen Obama or Clinton when next they make a political visit to the “war zone”?
    Having been the “bureaucrat” protected in Baghdad by Blackwater, I can tell you first hand, they are not only my choice for accomplishing the mission, but for staying alive!!!

  2. Mr. McHugh — Thank you for commenting. I hope you will return and continue a discussion.
    I have the impression that you’re focused rather tightly on Blackwater, but my understanding is that there are several companies providing services via contract. Do you believe only Blackwater is under discussion?
    Also — however one wants to describe the strength of our military, we no longer have strength in certain MOS’s. While you are absolutely right that we’ve contracted various aspects of military operations throughout our history, the degree to which we rely upon them today is unprecedented.
    Finally, in terms of accountability — you state that “Combat Contractors” are answerable under civil and US law. Two questions:
    1. Your statement called out Blackwater specifically. Is there a different accountability procedure for others?
    2. Can you describe for me the process through which a contractor would be held accountable, precisely?

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