Hillary's shadow

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  1. Polimom,
    In many ways, Hillary had the same problem that the son of a “great” man has–a very big shadow to try and get clear of. Of course, Bill’s shadow was one Hillary consciously stepped into in order to assume some of his power and reputation for use by herself, whereas a son can not help who his father is. Still, the parallel is interesting.
    Some women, e.g. Christina Kirschner, consciously represent themselves as the alter ego and stand in for their husbands. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn’t. However, Hillary while she started there, found that she had to break free of Bill’s shadow in order to have any chance. Bill’s legacy is not one of such unchallenged success that she could just be “Bill 2”. She has managed to do so.
    Without Googling, how many people know what former President Theodore Roosevelt’s son did with his life? Winston Churchill’s? John F. Kennedy’s son?
    Fame is a double edged sword. It can serve the holder well, but damage all those who stand too close to the holder.

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