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  1. Thanks, John. It’s been rough. Sigh…
    At least the dog sees an upside. She got to eat most of my lunch just now, because I dropped it and I couldn’t bend over to pick it up. LOL!

  2. I would imagine that your improvement will be gradual. Tomorrow, for example, you might all of a sudden realize that you’re doing something you couldn’t easily do today (or yesterday). Take all the time you need, Polimom, and keep us informed as you are able. So far so good, it sounds like. Sorry you’re having pains, but I guess those are to be expected. Besides, we wouldn’t want that pain medication going to waste, would we? 🙂
    A curious question. I know you have an absolutely hideous girdle-type apparatus that you’re supposed to have adorning your body much of the time during these first couple of weeks after surgery. I also know that plans are in the works for prettying it up tonight – I’m assuming after volleyball, and go girls, go, btw!! :):) … … my question is, “Will we be treated to before (hideous) and after (pretty) photos of this ‘thing’?” Model unnecessary. Just the creature itself will do.
    Your story about bonuses for the dog out of all this was hilarious!

  3. Hi Goldenrod — actually, the frivolity will occur tomorrow evening, not tonight. So there’s still time for before and after photos. Unfortunately, I think my camera / lens combination exceeds the amount of weight I’m currently permitted to lift. (That’s a pretty pathetic state of affairs, in my opinion!)

  4. Hey – if you can’t pick up a dslr – you might want to look into the Canon S90 – a lot of dslr features in a P&S size. Don’t think you’ll be able to shoot hummingbirds, though…

  5. I think my camera / lens combination exceeds the amount of weight I’m currently permitted to lift.
    That sounds like “cruel & unusual punishment” to me. However, this is one of the reasons I have at least one high-end P&S available. And I may just get another one.

  6. It’s funny that we have a P&S, but I never ever think of using it. Just too familiar with the DSLR, evidently — and images frame up in my mind through it’s eye rather than any other way.
    Hopefully, I’ll get clearance to do a little bit more before the fine weather’s gone. I go back 2 weeks from Thursday last (10 more days) for further instruction from the surgeon-guru. We shall see…

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