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  1. Like the School Board, it’s time for some competent outside authority to step in and take over the NOLA CJ system. Why is it we all get our socks in a knot over the erstwhile clerk of civil district court without addressing the fact that judges bond dangerous and violent felons, and the police and DA’s office can seem to convinct any of these guys?

  2. And here, apparently, is Nagin’s take on things (my emphasis):

    –also supported merging the civil and criminal sheriffs’ offices into one and consolidating some “police districts with law enforcement authority” with the New Orleans Police Department, as a way “to maintain our current status as one of the safest urban areas in America.” The last comment drew gasps and murmurs of disagreement from some in the crowd.

    Evidently, he doesn’t get it…. but the public certainly does.

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