Housing and workers in New Orleans

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  1. Geeze, people I hear wonder, the Mexicans find a place to live. Why don’t American citizens willingly live in their vehicles or in tents along the railraod tracks or under an overpass like God intended their class to.
    Is this a great country or what?
    I don’t think they should reopen the projects, however, if it can possibly be avoided. The public housing residents and advocate point out that crime is back and without them (residents or projects). But concentraing the lowest class workers into ghettos is clearly a failed idea. The short term problem is, there’s no where else for them go to, unless they’re willing to sleep under that trap strung from the side of hteir car.

  2. Crime IS back, judging from everything I’m reading…. and as you say, it’s back without the projects.
    But as you iterate in your last comment, there’s nowhere for workers to go, other than tarps and cars. I think the city should absolutely continue with the redevelopment / decentralization ideas and planning. I just don’t think they can sit on a stock of housing like this in the meantime.
    It doesn’t have to be used only by the lowest class workers. That was exactly my point. Designate some percentage to… say… out of state contractors or consultants. Another percentage to former renters who have jobs, but can’t possibly handle the market rental rates. Use another portion of the housing for original residents who are ready to work. There’s still room, probably, for a percentage of disabled / elderly.
    Add security. (I included that on purpose…)
    Whatever it is, though, do something. This all or nothing approach isn’t going to hold up.

  3. New Orleans residents, It’s time to come home. Live in your cars, put up tents, do whatever. Time to come back home and get those jobs “THAT AMERICANS WON’T DO.” Time to come home and get busy and rebuild our beauiful city. Time to come home and make something of ourselves again. Just plain time to come home, before everything our families strived for years and years are gone. The city will change and not for the best, if people don’t come back.

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