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  1. As a North Carolinian I’d like to say I’m really ashamed that they are located in an otherwise pretty great state. But to be honest, I’ve never liked Duke for anything, theyve always been stuck up and obnoxious and to be honest, I was thrilled when LSU beat them and got into the Final 4, mostly because LSU deserves it, but part of me was happy because it was nice to see Duke go away with their tail between their legs.

  2. You seem rather preoccupied by the accused and victim’s race. Can you explain what difference it makes except in your preconceived social notions? Would you like it better if it wasn’t a mixed race rape?

  3. No, Bandit, I wouldn’t like it better.
    It would still, however, be a flaming example of classism and sexism, and the opening paragraph of my entry would read like this:
    “Duke University’s talented Blue Devils have apparently managed to hit all the buttons at once – a bunch of athletes at a pricey American university gang raping a poor woman who is working as an exotic dancer / escort to pay her way through college and support her two children.”
    Still describes a filthy, disgusting, morally void group of “privileged” a-holes to me.
    Of course, that wouldn’t have been the whole story. So I included the rest of it. I’m funny that way.

  4. I’m not a lawyer, but I play one on the internet, but it seems to me that if someone has direct knowledge of a crime and refuses to cooperate with the authorities, they too can be charged with a crime.
    Wouldn’t that be be sweet.
    I would appreciate any real lawyers professional opinion on this.

  5. Kinch,
    I’m not sure whether a lawyer will weigh in on this (although it would be nice) – but having direct knowledge of a crime = chargeable offense would be exactly the federal case for the death penalty in the Moussaoui case. An editorial on that case here.

  6. Not only do you tell the whole story you have a crystal ball to tell you what it is! I’m sure you have some great insight that tells you that the women’s race was the reason she was raped.
    ‘And they’re just continuing that good ole boy tradition of sticking up for one another, too’
    2 words. ‘Stop snitchin”

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