Illegality of war as a defense against deployment

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  1. I agree with you, that it is a little illogical to sign up for something called the “armed service” and not go when sent to war. However, I think his stance is correct – when you sign up for the army, you sign up because you trust that the government will not send its troops into a war unless it is a last resort. In the case of Watada (and, I admit, although I’m from Seattle I hadn’t read much about this. I’m reading the NYTimes too often I guess) more and more information is being released about the legality of the war, and this news may have snapped some reality into him about the administration and its complete disregard for the lives of its officers. You’re supposed to go to the army to defend America, not to save the President’s “legacy.”
    I agree with you that he should still go, but his resistance is fully understandable.

  2. I sure hope that (soon to be former) Lt. Watada enjoys taking big rocks and making them into little rocks – maybe he can use some of them to fill in the blank spaces between his ears.
    Like you, when I enlisted there were thoughts about having into combat – in my case, we were still in the process of disengaging from Vietman, and in fact I came very close (I was on 24-hour standby) of being sent over. Since I was still in tech school at the time, my guess is that my assignment would have been “cannon fodder”.
    However, if they had said “go”, I would have gone.

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