Infill Development

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  1. in theory, this is the kind of urbanism europe had for centuries. mixed use infill and neighborhoods are what makes a city vibrant, reduce traffic and ensure jobs for the working class.
    this works in nyc, chicago, and any major european city. it is very different than the american suburbanism, but close to the interbellum new orleans. and we all know that downtown and central city were booming here during those times, before the whites got scared of the blacks and moved to metairie and then to the northshore.
    the market development has to be guided somehow, and the only tools the city planning has or should have are encouraging the business and transport infrastructure.
    but we have to see details, since god is in them, as mies van der rohe once said…

  2. Agreed. The theory is that mixed use neighborhoods encourage walking to locally-owned corner grocery stores. Think of businesses where the owners live upstairs. Think of small shops instead of WalMart. This could be a good thing. The trick is to figure out how people of all income levels can get in to such housing.

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