Iran and the US: A hush falls

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  1. As usual, the Bush administration is trying to show as if they are willing to negotiate but they know that the conditions they put on Iran will not lead to friendly open communication. I honestly do not believe that this administration is interested in facilitating talks, they are looking for a reason to undermine the very thing they claim to pursue. I have become absolutely disgusted with the immoral character of the Bush administration. I am not just using the ‘immoral’ as a buzz word so easily said, but I read something recently that hit home in a way that made me absolutely convinced that these are just plain bad(evil, immoral, no christian that’s for sure) people. I am mulling over the article I read and hope to post on it on the weekend because it just weighs so heavy on my mind. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that there will be too much of a public outcry, domestically and internationally, so that the Bush administration cannot find or better put, cannot get away with war again. Bring the troops home and keep ‘m there.

  2. Actually, I think they (Bush et al) may have a chance at pulling this off… or at least, a chance at some stronger alliances to press for the negotiations.
    If Iran was counting on US isolation/”we can go it alone”-ism (and I think it’s possible that’s exactly what they were thinking), then this has, at least, some chance at forcing Iran to the table.
    Will an alliance/consensus hold together? Sigh…. dunno. I’m thinking Iran will try next to splinter the alliance by pushing the envelope.
    Unfortunately, I don’t trust Iran, either. Very dangerous situation all the way around.

  3. Sandra,
    Jeezum.. . I can hardly imagine what you thought about some of my posts, then, about the scary kids these days. Tough job you’ve got.

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