It's Mexiphobia. Admit it.

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  1. I’m not condoning the Mexiphobia — please keep in mind my stance on the Spanish national anthem, as well as my thoughts here — but I think it’s worth pointing out why so many in our nation are singling out Mexicans.
    Zero immigrants are illegally crossing our border with Guatemala. Zero are illegally crossing our border with China. The same is true of our borders with Vietnam, Russia, Pakistan. You seem to portray this as a racist issue against one specific country, but it’s really a border issue — the Mexican border is the one that’s not secure.
    Canada, of course, is a different issue. But what Canadian has ever been accused of failing to assimilate?

  2. Forester,
    When the demonstrations and rallies kicked up last month, the tone of the debate changed (imho) from a broader “immigration reform” to one centered on Mexicans. I think it stems from the idiocy of the “Reconquista” or “la Raza” movements; foolish and divisive sentiments about “reclaiming” land that should be “theirs”.
    We didn’t separate those nuts from the wider issues. Instead, the backlash re-shaped the arguments and debates.
    The undocumented people come from many countries, and non-assimilation doesn’t apply only to people from Mexico. Yes, the border is with Mexico, but that’s not the only country whose citizens cross there. Nor do they only come across that border, or even the northern. (Think of boats… and oceans…)
    Many (all?) of the illegal immigrants from Central America come up through Mexico to enter. I’m sure you’ve read some of the many recent stories comparing the Mexican illegal immigration policy and laws with those of the US. Who do you suppose those illegal immigrants are, that the Mexicans are so hard on? Was their goal to work in a Mexican village? Of course not…
    I’m not trying to say that we haven’t got lots of problems with those from Mexico… just that our problem is framed up as “illegal immigration” and/or “immigration reform”, but what it means lately is Mexicans. Yes, there are reasons for that, but we’ ve allowed the issues to merge.

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