Krugman on Obama. Again.

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  1. Krugman’s point (and my concern) about Sen. Obama’s approach is that bipartisanship doesn’t just happen because one side desires it. Bipartisanship has to be a two-way street. Democratic leaders in Congress have tried to bring Republicans on board for a “bipartisan” approach on many issues over the past couple of years. They have been rejected at every hand. Sen. Obama has not yet faced the full fury of the Republican attack machine – it has been focused for many years on the Clintons – but if he is the Democratic nominee, you can be sure that he will face it. He will find, unfortunately, that this generation of Republicans is not interested in bipartisanship. Can he lead effectively in spite of this? I don’t know and I don’t think anyone does. He hasn’t been tested yet. Krugman is simply pointing this out. You may find it tiresome, but the truth is not always wrapped in a bright, shiny, sexy package. Some time it can be quite tiresome and unpleasant to hear.

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