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  1. Polimom, we can’t hate if we consider ourselves Christians (I know, another kettle of fish) but we can “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”; and as illegal immigrant, deviant, and cold-blooded killer, Juan Leonardo Quintero, belongs to Caesar, again and this time, when found guilty, I want him suffer a death a manner of his crimes (not just killing the officer but what he did to that child) deserves.
    Lady, I KNOW he’s innocent until he’s PROVE guilty, and called that reporter “ma’am” but Bundy was too. Until proven guilty, since this is another ‘cut-and-dry’ case that’s going to cost the tax payers millions of dollars that, the expense of a gallows and an old rope should at the vary least cover ends we’re wasting funds.
    There is murder and there’s MURDER-PLUS! He three-times abused a child (and I’m sorry to bring this up but you have an AC, me too (times three), as I have three daughters PLUS as of yesterday two granddaughters, congrats later okay?) and he DOES NOT deserve a needle, unless he is repeated stuck with open-ended syringes until he bleeds his last drop. Better he is injected with H2So4 until it eats through his flesh causing it to fall apart. It doesn’t have to be a high-money crime like the child of those ignorant parents of that baby “Model”, girl in Colorado. Any of that type makes me crazy.
    On the average, Mexican illegally here are a people through-out this country, Politically Correct or not, have a VERY low opinion of life, and if I was in their situation, I might not either.
    You may not like it said here, and Lady I understand as My Lord Jesus the Christ knows I would be wrong to paint all with such a broad brush. But Polimom, there is no such brush made that properly leaves out the gaps the few who fall into those spaces, illegal but still with an understanding of a complete fit of right and wrong!
    I hate the way some semi (because I don’t know if he believes it in his heart, or if it’s in his contract) ultra conservatives like Chris Baker come across. Baker, and the post relating to the Socorro Gonzalez deal, make him and those who can see some pinch of light through his wall, credence for all those looking for an opening and finding one where he stupidly refers to her and four American born citizens her as “brood mare? Litter?”
    An in doing so, makes Baker, and I, look as thinking all illegals are as inhuman and I’m married to a “very much” human.
    Gonzalez? Can we fault her too much for her attempt to get her and her ‘brood (and yes it’s used for human kids of more than the average two children pre-household), not the “go for what you can” to benefit you, and your kids to U.S. American citizenship.
    With of the animal Quintero? What does he deserve? He comes from a country where killing law enforcement is sometimes a humane service?
    The Chronicle made him look like a human but there was no outcry to that miscarriage of sanity! He’s lower than a criminal. He is a fungus that grows on society and can flourish as he knows the difference in “ma’am” and “b*tch.”
    But facts are, those four children of Gonzalez are now U.S, citizens and in a few years can bring her here as a “dependent relative” with full citizenship privileges, able for Medicare and all manor of benefits. In the mean time, my wife who holds two degrees, and speaks three languages and would really HELP the Texas school system sites are in cold storage. She went the legal course but can’t be hired because, while I am dying, my specific knowledge and abilities has paid her while I was disabled. She must wait “two more years” to qualify as a “health giver” to a dependant U.S. citizen. Great, she’ll be living legally for the last year of my life!
    Polimom, she loves me and I her, but thanks to our medical system (yes, I’ve got ‘tons of insurance”) she doesn’t qualify. She’s Caucasian which puts her in a “BAD” category as coming from Canada and according to two attorneys who deal with these cases, “this, and your education, hampers your efforts to become a citizen or gain a green card.” Polimom, she’s too, intelligent, educated to enter the United States legally!!! How sad, can you see them turning back Einstein? She’s no Albert, but she’s a natural Francophone and is two-deep degrees in world and ancient history they could use some help?.
    Polimom, as I told someone else in dire straits as I’m in now, I say “Trust in the ‘American System’.” But if I suddenly stop sending you my irritation comments” in a few months and years, I guess you can assume you’ll know the system failed.
    I’m aware it is still the “best system in the world” even if it fails me. The next “system” I see will be free of pain, physically AND mental. I cling to that promise 24-hours a day that seems like so may more hours, and pray He make them shortened.

  2. We stand for justice,” (Rick Dovalina, LULAC’s district director in Houston,),” said. “We will not lift one finger to defend this individual if he is found guilty.
    Uh, BS! Lulac and the Mexican American Consulate have interfered with each and every person claiming they are Mexican before/after their trials that lead to the possibility of a “mercifully death-by-injection.” Depending whatever times get them the most publicity.

  3. I don’t tend to listen to Chris Baker, as (as you noted) his opinions (some of which I agree with) are mixed in with some real vitriolic statements (which I most certainly don’t agree with) – and, unlike some of the true masters of the genre (e.g. El Rushbo), he tends delivers his material with a sense of anger and not humor. I have noticed that humor tends to get the point across, while defusing the tension/anger that can build up in the listener/reader. Failure to do so can lead to those who are ‘stability-challenged’ going the extra mile and making threatening phone calls/statements (which is really never a good thing.)
    BTW, Lazarus – while “brood” may be a valid term for use as regards humans, “brood mare” refers to a horse. And I agree 100% with Polimom on this one: dehumanizing others in this manner is the first step down a slippery slope that we have taken far too often – and that we really should be grown-up enough to avoid.

  4. Lazarus – I don’t mean to be too critical, but is there anyway you can focus on one topic in your comments? You often have good points to make, but seriously d00d you sometimes wander all over the place, and when you do those points tend to get lost in all the noise.
    Think KISS (Keep It Short and Simple).

  5. Ed, you are not. I see it when I reread my post.
    It was suppost ed to be about Chris Baker and in that entry it morphed into the Juan Leonardo Quintero story, what he’s done. Plus the acts he’s using to get out of the justice system in Harris county, and my personal problems with the INS and so forth
    I apologize. Maybe becoming a granddad for the second time in 21 days has someting to do with it. Sorry.
    Poor Polimom, I’m using her boards to learn what is expected from the other side of the desk.
    Thanks Ed for pointing that out and PLEASE keep the critique comming.

  6. Lazarus, I would like for you to provide some proof of when LULAC has assisted direclty in a case like this. I invite you to learn the facts before you repeat the false information you fed via the misinformed. I invite you to read our aims & purposes and mission on our webiste LULAC is not the Mexican Consulate. LULAC is made of volunteers within the US. Once again, I invite you to learn more about LULAC.

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