Moulin. Finally.

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  1. I am absolutely positively in love with both Moulin and Rouge, and you know what? I learned something with this post! I learned that hermit crabs grow new appendages during their molt. Interesting! Too bad, tho, that Moulin has to wear one of Rouge’s old hand-me-downs. Isn’t there any way Santa could have allowed for a new house in her budget? 馃檪

  2. Hi Goldenrod — they sure are fun and interesting little critters! When Santa first brought them here, I had no idea they molted either — much less regenerated limbs. (For that matter, I didn’t realize initially that Moulin was missing a leg, either!)
    But don’t feel sorry for her about wearing Rouge’s former house. She had 5 shells to choose from in the tank when she came up. She just preferred this one.

  3. We had a hermit crab several years ago. I didn’t realize they molted and figured it must have died after several days of no movement. It probably woke up weeks later and wondered why it now lived at the dump…. 馃檨
    You are an amazing photographer.

  4. Hi Tammy — that’s so sad! LOL!!! If it makes you feel better, I’ve talked to a whole bunch of folks recently about Moulin and Rouge — and I’ve heard your same story many times.
    And thank you! Though I think I’m probably more patient (stubborn?) than good a lot of the time.

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