Moving beyond "evacuee"

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  1. There are people who will stay in their new homes, in a life that will prove better for them and their children in the short run. And there are people who will return home.
    I think evacuee is like all of the other words some people have rejected, such as victim. The word of choice should be survivor.
    They need to remain a people apart in some sense. Just being from New Orleans is one part of it, a feeling I know well.
    Being among those who lost everything is an even larger part of it. They should not give this up until they are made whole, until they are paid by their insurance companies and compensated by their government for the failure of the deficient federal levees, until the city is made secure enough that they have the option to return or not as they choose.
    They should “get over it” on about the same timeline we expect New Yorkers to get over 9-11.

  2. I think it all depends on where you’re registered to vote. Once you change that, it’s official.
    I had to get a new driver’s license, and when I changed my address from Vista Park to Riverbend they gave me a voter’s registration card to fill out. I refused since where I stay now is just an apartment. Where my house is where I still consider home.

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