NOLA's elections – is it all about race?

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  1. Okay, here I go again. Unfortunately race is a huge issue and I’ve said before that the city of NO is a tinderbox in that regard. You can feel it, it’s palpable. However, I met a guy on my block the other night from the 9th Ward. Black, about 50?, chronic alchohol abuse, for sure. He knew EVERYTHING about the elections, the war in Iraq, the insurance co’s issues, FEMA, you name it. He had decided to vote for Landrieu, interestingly for the same reason that a lot of people are citing—–his connections. This man had lost everything, family, home, you name it. FEMA had given him 3300 bucks, he sent it back with a note saying, “Screw you.” His home was worth more than that. He then went on a rant about the Chocolate City remark. He thought it was bunk. We both talked about how we actually liked a lot of Nagin’s ideas but that he seemed to waffle depending on what crowd he was talking to.
    Yes, race is a factor. Period. Can’t get away from it, but I don’t think in the end, that will decide this election. I think everyone, regardless of class or race, understands the magnitude and significance of this election.
    I’ll be writing on this whole thing tomorrow. Had a great conversation in the Marigny about this. But it is inescapable, Poli. It’s everywhere. Even among friends. :o(

  2. Slate,
    I guess my real question is: what is gained for New Orleanians if they vote along racial lines? If you are black, what does Nagin bring to the table for you besides skin tone?
    Nagin alienated a lot of people with the “Chocolate City” remark, of all colors – but the assumptions (for instance, in the NYTimes article) that he’ll get the black vote just because are just crazy.
    The guy you met on your block has it right. Does everybody? Has the entire “election according to race” meme been created and blown up by a small group into the MSM?

  3. Yes, would be my short answer to your question re:MSM. As for your other question? Nothing would be gained for NOLA citizens. Interestingly, MOST people I know, and granted they are a “liberal” bunch, would prefer Forman. However, they dont’ think he has the ability to win, so will probably vote for Landrieu. That’s a sad commmentary in itself. This is important. And the fact that race is playing such a part, but again I say no way it can’t given the climate here, is a shame.

  4. The support for Forman kinda stumps me… but then, I’m not there. The T-P’s endorsement, too, was a bit of a surprise.
    Regardless, I still think this is likely to end up between Landrieu and Nagin… hopefully for the right reasons, rather than divisive ones.

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