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  1. Hi Mark! Great to hear from you!
    Personally, I was taught that the hand goes on the heart for the pledge, but not for the national anthem.
    Therefore (to me), this entire hoopla about Obama is totally bizarre — since he’s doing things exactly the way I understood them to be.

  2. Glad to see you back, too, although I feel strangely disconnected from this election. Yes, the hand goes on the heart, unless you’re in uniform. Military and related services, full salute. Scouts three fingers, Cubs two. Not sure if Girl Scouts had a similar hierarchy. I missed that entire Obama thing. What are they accusing him of now? Covering his heart? Not covering his heart? Sneaking a sip at his beer and a glance at the batting order during the anthem?

  3. Ha! You must not be reading the whacked out right wing blogosphere lately (or this weekend, the entire MSM!). Everybody’s hyperventilating (again) about whether Obama’s patriotic or something — partially because he handles the pledge and the national anthem the way I was taught (but not the way you were).

  4. I tend to stand with my arms at my side, in a position that comes about as close to that of “Attention” as I am capable of these days. That is how the USAF said we were to stand, when in civilian clothes. And, as I recall, if you are wearing a hat you take it off your head, and place *it* over your heart.
    That’s OK, though – if all they have on Obama is his posture, it just proves that we are in the midst of a slow news day.

  5. I take what is probably the average American stance (at least of those that will admit it) – I stand up, fidget impatiently, look around at other people while thinking “is it over yet?” Seriously, though, I grew up as a military brat, and never remember
    placing my hand over my heart for the national anthem.
    Off-topic a bit, but I was in Houston for the weekend, so I headed over to W. Gray to vote Saturday around noon. I was amazed at the line for early voting for the primary! Way longer than the 2006 November elections.

  6. I agree with you, Polimom. I put my hand on my heart for the pledge, not the anthem–I think I’ve heard Obama say that too. I’m from the Midwest and while there are some who put the hand on the heart for the anthem around here, I would say most just stand at respectful attention.

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