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  1. Ok, maybe I’m missing something here;
    “It’s my understanding that one of the officers spoke the word ‘black’ during the incident,” said Lt. Simon Hargrove, president of the Black Organization of Police. “Why would a person do that if race wasn’t involved?”
    Why is this particular part of the story such a big deal? If the occifers I mean officers had used the “N word”, I’d understand, but why is this a big deal? Am I just being oblivious to something here?

  2. Steve,
    I agree with you; the story released through the AP does not give any clarity.
    The mere utterance of the word “black” does not signify a civil rights issue. OTOH – the FBI has evidently opened a probe based on a complaint by the NAACP, (according to NOLA.com, here) so one assumes we’ll get more information.
    As it stands at the moment, it’s just another truly ugly story centering up on NOLA, and the NOPD.

  3. I thought the story was clear on the idea that she was stopped for driving while black in the wrong neighborhood, and that the situation ended in a standoff between white and black officers. Still, the whole thing is bizarre. The N.O.P.D., never the best bunch, are one quivering mass of PTSD. A taxi driver ferrying my wife and kids home one night in early March made an illegal left turn, and was stopped. The two officers subjected him to a torrent of obscene abuse and verbal threats while my wife and two kids cowered in the back of the taxi. My wife expected them to attack the driver at any moment. Somebody from outside the city needs to step in to lead the department and soon. That should be the new mayor’s first priority, is to bring some order to the N.O.P.D.

  4. Mark’s right about the NOPD being a “quivering mass of PTSD.” No doubt about it. He’s also right about DWB. The quiet racism here is getting less quiet. In fact, I’ll probably brave the bashes and write about it soon. It seems it’s something no one wants to talk about out loud, but it’s palpable.

  5. Yes, NOPD, never very stable prior to the Flood, have serious PTSD at this point in time. They are also trying to make sure that the way things were before Katrina never again return.
    Still, this targeting of dark-skinned folks in certain neighborhoods is absolutely wrong, and it’s going to make things worse down the road.
    If this incident had occured in Lakeview or the Garden District, one might be able to understand their “logic”, but not give approval for this DWB poop. I don’t.
    Mrs. Pratt’s house is not far from where we live… consider it Gentilly. We have a wonderful mix of folks in that area, Middle Class, all races… there is absolutely NO reason to think this woman was out of place. She is part of the neighborhood.
    All I’ve seen on this side of town are polizi pulling over black folks, never have I seen them with a white person pulled over to the side. Since we have been back for such a short time, its a wonder that they don’t pull us over… Betts is used to traffic lights, not miniature STOP signs laying on the ground. She’s run STOP signs, and there’s a squad car sitting there, but he doesn’t run down the two white girls.
    That old bug-a-boo of Race still haunts this city, and it MUST be dealt with now. Otherwise we shall wind up right where we all stood before the Flood.

  6. This is news? I live on Rampart street across from from the 1’st district. On the Thursday after the hurricane I waded across the street to ask if they could evacuate my 82 year old neighbor (she was out of meds and very confused) They told me to “Fuck off and You best get moving” As I waded back across the street one of them popped off 2 shots 10 feet from me into the water for fun..

  7. I’m beginning to question the caliber of men/women hired by NOPD. I hate that I am feeling cynical on this subject – I want to support our PD. But even someone close to me, a white male, who was asking for help was verbally abused by a bridge cop. I find myself feeling anxious when I see a NOPD car behind me……..

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