Obama and Iraq

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  1. Polimom
    I know this was in relation to our conversation and once again either you are confused as to what Im saying or you are deliberately trying to misspeak what Im saying.
    So I will repeat it simply. Barak Obama is the antiwar champion. He is. That is I believe not open for debate. They have voted for him because in Black and White on his website he announces how adamantly he wants to get out of Iraq. He delcares I will bring the troops home.
    Now in regards to your nuances. Barak Obama’s website has continually changed. To reflect reality. No problem. Yet these nuances are overlooked for the larger promise of ending the war and bringing the troops home.
    I don’t care that he has changed his mind. But I am here to tell you that those who staked a claim to Obama’s soul do. I for one am a belier that we cannot come home from Iraq for many more years. However, the antiwar has demanded we come home now and they have put forth Barak Obama as their champion for this cause. The fact that he is changing his mind does not bother me.
    But it will bother them AND…..Barak Obama is not the nominee yet. He is the presumptive nominee. Hillary could win this yet if those supers begin changing their minds and trust me if this keeps up they might well do that with the far lefts blessing and hand the nomination on the second ballot to Hillary.

  2. Remember the reasoning could go like this.
    Hillary WON more votes then did Obama if you throw in Mi. and Fla.
    Neither candidate WON the necessary delegates to WIN the nomination.
    IF a large enough block of democratic voters rebel who once SUPPORTED OBAMA but now feel betrayed then I find it perfectly reasonable for the supers to change their mind and be non committal on the first ballot thus denying Obama the Nomination.
    After the first ballot all bets are off and those delegates who are pledged to Obama could well switch to hillary who wants to end the war and bring the boys home.
    Will it happen? I don’t know. Could it? Absolutely.

  3. Polimom,
    I agree that (former Captain) Ed is in a strange place here, conflating the answers to two different questions and using the resulting confusion as evidence of disarray among Obama’s advisers. I guess it’s all about supporting the narrative (that Obama is a serial flip flopper who no one can know what he believes in).
    As for Neocon’s hopes, they seem far fetched. Unless Obama is found “with a dead girl or a live boy” as the saying goes, the Democrat’s Superdelegates are not going to switch to Hillary. Obama will have to completely self destruct for them to switch at this point. Former Hillary supporters are free to hope, of course, but I doubt that this hope will result in “Change you can believe in”.

  4. I was just watching MSNBC and the far left is ranting and a raving over Obama’s flip flopping moving to the center etc.
    12,000 people have signed a pettiton at Obama.com telling the senator to not vote for the fisa bill. And that is in just the last few hours. He cant vote for this. He has to reject it which is why they delayed the vote till after the 4th of July to see which way the political wind would blow on this.
    I have said this will tell the tale. If he votes for it he will lose the support of the Far left along with his subtle shifting in the Iraq positions. If he votes against the bill then once again he is going to be seen as a typical politican who caved to the special interests of his own party.
    I know Polimom thinks the world of Obama but this guy has put himself in some horrid positions this last week as he hurried to try and define himself without thinking thru the repercussions of that definition.

  5. I cant believe it; you guys deserve a Republican in the White House in Nov; with guys like you, come November Republicans McCain and Cindy will replace bush and laura in the WH. Lay off and unite for change

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