Obama's youthful indiscretions

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects Mr. Obama, given what happened with Dubya back in ’00. Remember, when he admitted to some youthful indescretions in his past, then some big-time Dem supporter decided to make the details (having to do with alcohol IIRC) public about a week before the election? At least this way maybe the negative attacks will have spent their force well in advance of the day people actually make up their minds/pull the lever or whatever in the voting booth.
    I’ll certainly agree with this statement:

    It would make a big difference if Obama or anyone else was still making these mistakes, but it looks like those issues are twenty years past or more — hardly indicative of the man he his now

    If I am going to support (or oppose) the man, I intend to do so based on his stand on the issues I care about — not what he may or may not have done back when he was a young skull full o’ mush. Ditto for Hillary, McCain, Romney, Giuliani, or any other candidate for the office.

  2. What will bother me most about Obama will be a lack of time in office. He has not held an executive position, and what national legislative position he has had has been less than a full term before he deemed himself worthy of serious candidate consideration.
    I don’t think of him as a bad person or anything, I just think that after 2-3 years in the Senate if you think you really have enough to be president (in the modern age, not saying this has held for all time), that kind of shows you to have a big head. Seriously, I don’t have much to go on with so little record as a voter. I’d rather he stick it out one more term to show some consistency before I felt confident in what I was looking at. Even with Bush’s record as governor, he has not turned out to be everything I hoped for, so what am I to think of someone with less time.

  3. Jack — I can’t say I disagree with you that it would be helpful to have more of a record on which to judge him. That’s balanced somewhat, though, by the utter freshness of someone untainted.
    As it happens, although I really am dismayed by how early the ’08 campaign has started, in Obama’s case it makes sense. It will take that long to get a measure of the man and his politics. My early feeling is that he’s going to be too liberal for me, but I’m not sure at all yet. It’s certain, though, that any attempts to attack him on the grounds mentioned in this post won’t affect my judgment at all.
    What you mention, though, about GW Bush is not (in my mind) a mark against Obama. Bush, whatever he was, did, and said in Texas, did not perform as advertised (so to speak). His experience led to unmet expectations.

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