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  1. O.K., some good news!
    1) It’s brightening up outside somewhat.
    2) Neither one of us live anywhere near a Metro Rail which means we’re significantly less likely to be attacked by a loon with box cutters on a Metro Rail platform! And, I don’t think either one of us live in Houston, America’s first true CWOC, (city without cops).
    3) Bad News/Good News. While I have come to beleive that the ’08 election will be the ugliest, most divisive and ultimately disappointing waste of 1 Billion $$ elections ever, the good news is…….(drum roll please), it won’t last forever, it has to have an end!
    4) Great News for Music lovers! Assuming you have cable, for just $10.00 to $15.00 a month you can get the Digital Value package which includes 20 or so music only channels! Since I quit watching the evening news, (too much election coverage), I can now listen to music without commercials! Not only do I get to spend my evenings free of wretched, lying, shrill and stupid politicians, I get to listen to my favorite artists sans a Fred Haas Toyota World (I’ve seen that place already, get over it), or Mattress Mack commercial!
    5) Great, great news category as far as I’m concerned; we’re going to stop the construction of the new power plants! With luck, we’ll stop the construction of any kind of new power plants anywhere in the State of Texas! By one study, we’ll be braving brownouts and rolling black outs in approximately 3 years. That’s right, we’re at or beyond max load capacity! What does that mean? Businesses won’t come here! Eventually, many businesses will start leaving Texas. Then the unemployed workers will start to leave. More space, fewer people, economic downturn, less polution. In other words………..Heaven on Earth!
    6) Great news for the Mayor of Houston! He was right to cut out police overtime and to pursue policies ensuring a future without adequate police on a percapita basis because……………….see 5 above. The guy will be awarded GENIOUS OF THE DECADE!
    In every way, everyday, it’s getting better and better!

  2. Stars above, Glide! I do believe you’re grumpier than I am! (smile…)
    Ed T — I do believe you’re showing some disrespect to America’s latest embarrassment heroine. Thank goodness for heretics!

  3. Don’t know if this will lighten your mood or not, but I found the following over at

    A freshman Democratic lawmaker sent a hand-written note Wednesday night to a neighboring Republican congressman to apologize for the situation that erupted after his staff complained to U.S. Capitol Police about cigar smoke.

    As Rome burns….

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