Palin as Governor: Did she or didn't she?

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  1. I don’t think your questions can be answered until if or when she is elected to a higher office. Think I might be a little jaded here, but it has been my experience over the years that what candidates say they will do in a campaign often bears little resemblance to what actually happens if they are elected. We can only go on past track record and personal knowledge of the candidate’s general philosophy and integrity.
    This is probably an over-simplification, but to me it’s kind of like when you saw the bear. You had probably already ‘decided’ in advance what you would do if such an event occurred. The event did occur, and you did what you had already decided upon.
    But what if you had had an encounter with a ‘predator’ of a different sort? Such as a human? Or a large cat? Or a feral dog?
    I’ll stand on my last sentence in the first paragraph of this comment.

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