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  1. Great post! Loved it!
    BTW am reading a book I think you might find interesting, and the author is bravely talking about her feelings about race, how she sort of assimilated thinking patterns based on things left unsaid, only to find, well. . . . .
    One Drop by Bliss Broyard

  2. I’m having what some might classify as a personal problem here, Polimom. Perhaps you can help me? Lately I seem to be prejudiced towards noticing very little about a person except for their shoulders and buttocks. It doesn’t seem to matter what race or sex the person I’m observing is. Do you think I’ve narrowed my focus too much? What should I do? (Signed, “Worried in Houston”)

  3. Hi Slate — I’ve read One Drop! Actually, I’ve read a bunch of stuff from this particular subject area. Endlessly fascinating.
    Goldenrod — LOL!!! I dunno. Are you losing sleep? Is it starting to take over your conversations? Perhaps there’s some kind of 12-step program for such a fixation?

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