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  1. Your pictures are magnificent. What kind of equipment would I have to invest in to achieve pictures like yours? Then all I’d need is your eye and somewhere beautiful. I got a couple of airborn hummers yesterday but they are pathetic compared to yours.

  2. Arlene, thank you very much! Yes, somewhere beautiful helps a lot — LOL!!!
    OTOH, I made some spectacular images back in Texas. George Bush Park was the source of many of those. (I like this one a lot.)
    How much for the equipment? Hahahahaha……. (you really truly do not want to know.) But I’ve seen some really gorgeous stuff from point and shoots — or even from camera phones.
    Hummers in flight are tough, though. Don’t give up!

  3. Just checking in on you – you’ve been quiet but that’s understandable. As someone who lost a loved one recently also, I understand. May your days be peaceful. xoxo

  4. Hi Charlotte — yes, I’m still here. Just really caught up in lots of stuff, and not very motivated to blog. Haven’t been taking many images either, though I did some during our spectacular autumn.
    Thanks for thinking of me! Very best wishes to you!

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