Poor Pluto

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  1. And, in other news, the IAU announced that they have determined that the Earth is, in fact, the center of the Universe, and that the sun and the stars revolve around it.
    Actually, they reclassified Pluto as a “dwarf planet” – whatever the heck that is!

  2. Aww….  c’mon, Ed — you know what that is. Remember Sleepy and Dopey and Grumpy… ?
    So — Does that mean there are now eight Dwarves? And we’ll have to re-write Sleeping Beauty, too? (Bad enough they have to re-do all the textbooks!)

  3. Dopey – the folks at the IAU who spent all that time arguing about this.
    Grumpy – the taxpayers who now have to buy new science textbooks.
    Happy – the publishers of science textbooks, and the children who have one less planet to memorize (and put on their models of the solar system.)
    Sleepy – the folks who watched “The IAU Proceedings” on the Science Channel.
    Doc – the title of most of the attendees of the IAU conference.
    Maybe that is what the IAU should have done – changed the naming convention for planets from Greco/Roman mythological beings to Walt Disney fairy tale characters.

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