Rabid dogs and ham sandwiches on Danziger Bridge

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  3. I remember you and me talking about this at the time. You had found an article somewhere and I had found another, but when I went back to retrieve it it was suddenly gone. Just disappeared. The whole thing was strange then and continues to be.
    Frankly, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of some of the police running amok after the storm. That having been said, I also believe that a lot of the stories I’ve heard from eyewitnesses (even leaving the drama and flake factor out of as many as 50%) are true but will never be brought to light, much less to trial. My feeling is that this trial will be the only one, then everyone in the justice system can have something to point to: We indicted the Danziger guys, we did our job.
    I loved your use of the word “opaque.” There’s a lot of that going around here, and I believe it will continue.

  4. DA Eddie Jordan is not a very good guy. He is a racist. He fired people in his office because they were white and has cost the taxpayers about $4million in fines. Can you imagine the national outcry if a white DA had fired people because they were black.
    IMO Jordan can’t be trusted.
    I’m not sure what happened but I do know that on day 6 the cops had to be exhausted and NOLA was in total chaos. I know for a fact that just about anyone wearing a uniform was being shot at. It still is not an excuse but just part of the way things were. There was a guy pretending to be a Sheriff’s deputy that could hold the key to the whole incident.

  5. roux — yes, there’s something really odd about that deputy that wasn’t a deputy.
    As I recall early stories, the NOPD thought a cop (cops?) were under fire, and then a story (that immediately disappeared or is just lost) said it was a deputy with the contractors that called for the backup.
    I agree. He’s key.

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