Racial Baggage – Opening a Suitcase

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  1. “The evidence that this region is home to a disproportionate number of underprivileged persons and that white supremacist ideology has been more prevalent there than elsewhere is indisputable.”
    I was thinking this was a thoughtful and thought-provoking article until I reached this line. I do dispute that white supremacist views are “more prevelent”. I’ve lived here 27 years and have never spoken to anyone espousing this kind of sick ideaology. Am I naive?

  2. charleyh:
    My personal experiences, like yours, have not included people who promote white supremacy – at least to my knowledge.
    That is, actually, one of the more interesting aspects of the CS Monitor article. The authors drew the same conclusions about the region as everyone else. To them it’s “indisputable” now.
    Once the damage is done (in this case, validating someone like DD, on any basis), it’s very hard to reverse perceptions.

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