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  1. As I recall, there was no problem up in Utah with digging through a landfill in order to find the body of a murdered woman. I don’t think the difference is racial, but the fact that the authorities in Utah have something that the Harris Co. Sheriff lacks: a shred of human decency, and moral fortitude.
    As I watched this story unfold, I became convinced that Tommy Thomas wasn’t going to bother with looking for the woman, given that his office never even asked Waste Mgt for the specifics – which truck emptied the dumpster, etc.
    It will look incredibly silly if the DA asks for the death penalty, given that the county authorities determined the victim was so worthless that it was OK to leave her in a garbage dump… and it will be even more tragic if a jury comes to the same conclusion.

  2. “Wow” is about all that I can say. I’m a pretty solid pragmatist, but some things transcend cost-benefit analyses. Among those things are, justice, compassion, human dignity, and the value of human life, and they’re totally ignoring all of these because they think it costs too much. They could at least try.

  3. Unfortunately, if this d00d is as looney as he sounds, we may in fact never know what he did with her (if anything.) However, I suspect the investigators could start asking some pointed questions to try and nail down parts of his story – at least to determine if he is really telling the truth, or simply leading them on a wild goose chase.

  4. OK, it’s 3am and you see a guy pull up to a trash dumpster and throw in a bag of trash. Does it register as being any more important then a car alarm going off? Should you call the police? No. This is why, after choping a person he used to love into parts, he would have felt calm while spreading her remains around.
    And yes, having him spend the rest of his days in a landfill looking… that might begin to be justice.

  5. The difference between this and the Utah incident, is that they already got the confession from the killer here. In Utah, there was strong suspicion, but for a while they felt that without the body and the mattress that there would be a difficult case to make against the husband.

  6. Actually, given the changes already made in the “confession”, it is entirely possible the whole thing is made up – or at least enough parts on it to cast doubt on the veracity of the “witness”.

  7. Amazinger and amazinger. We can write off New Orleans as something that shouldn’t be rebuilt. “I don’t want my tax money spent there”. Now, the authorities don’t want to “waste tax dollars” looking for a human being.
    This shouldn’t surprise me anymore. We are no longer humans. We are capitalists first. Profit before humanity.

  8. And, now the Chronicle says the search is on (or soon will be.) ‘Bout time.
    I particularly like Sheriff Tommy Thomas’ last quote:

    “I certainly knew there would be a backlash.”

    Yep… and it may just come the next time he is up for election.

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