Risky business?

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  1. Super secure builing that will stand up to 97% of the stuff that will be thrown at it.
    If it is destroyed it will release nasty nasty stuff into winds that will sweep across most of America.
    Using this kind of logic, we should tell the folks that signed off on this that their new job for the next 5 years is quality testing bullet proof jackets by wearing them while snipers fire test shots at them. Those jackets stop almost all rounds, so it should be safe, right?

  2. Ok, that’s about the scariest thing I’ve read in a year. Just. Completely. Insane.
    If some Congressman (or woman) was responsible for putting this on the island, I’m sure he wont’ mind being chained to it during all future storms since he (or she) was so convinced of its invincibility.

  3. MF (from the article)–

    The project enjoyed the strong support of three influential Texas Republicans: President Bush, a former Texas governor; Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison; and the former House majority leader, Tom DeLay, whose district includes part of Galveston County. Officials at the National Institutes of Health, however, say the decision to put the lab here was based purely on the merits. It is to open Nov. 11.

    Thinking about your suggestion.  And Pan’s. Hmmm….

  4. Loving the suggestions and really really glad I wasn’t the only one who thought this was a bizarre idea. Can I come to Texas (I’ll hide my Louisiana license plate) and help chain them to it? Poli, you’d have to get some good closeups of their faces.

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